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    Nuclear bunker is a unique attraction in Kaunas. This is a museum founded in the bunker, 6 meters under the ground. It’s private collection is the only of this kind in the world. It has more than 1,200 unusual functioning exhibits.
    Among the largest range of gas masks for adults you can see also masks for children and horses. You will be surprised about the abundance of radiation meters, civil protection devices, air horns, mobile chemical laboratories, closed-circuit breathing apparatuses, diving equipment, civil defence medical devices and instruments, electric generators, air compressors and a variety of portable floodlights.
    The museum also exhibits the aviation security equipment, aircraft black boxes, life-saving equipment, navigation and other measuring devices.
    You will learn about the largest in the Baltic countries exhibition of radio communications, telephones, telephone switches, bearing finders, telegraph, antennas, headphones, military recorders, Morse code keys from the era of the two world wars.
    We would like to note that the museum is not intended to promote violence and ethnic hatred or ethnic superiority. This museum is part of the Lithuanian history. It is our nation’s past and the legacy of our parents and grandparents.

    The Nuclear Bunker presents the KGB spy museum! This is unique collection featuring secret surveillance equipment and devices, used by the NKVD, the KGB and special divisions of militia.
    So far, we could only read in books about the KGB used tracking technology or see it in movies about James Bond. KGB power structures of the Soviet Union not only persecuted the common people, but completely mistrusted their own colleagues and spied on them in both formal and informal ways. The KGB, state security committees always possessed the latest and the most innovative technology and professionally trained specialists in their field, officers, and agents. Obsolete KGB surveillance technique used to be strictly destroyed by signing special reports, while part of the technology was transferred to the military.
    In the KGB bunker you will see secret equipment for intrusions and secret searches, KGB phones and phone eavesdropping and coding equipment. The museum has many clandestine and portable radio communication devices, radio transmitters and receivers, communications jammers, bearing finders, remote eavesdropping equipment, eavesdropping bugs and their detection devices.
    We will tell you about the unique secret metal detector for detecting eavesdropping equipment or a weapon with which you can come up near the person and embrace him. You will learn about detection equipment and instruments of isotopically marked documents, money, people, and animals. We will present external monitoring, night vision devices, secret dictaphones and recorders, covert mini cameras, masked undercover video recorders. You will find out what secret scanning, photographic and filming equipment was used for copying documents upon secretly sneaking into the room. The museum has a UV and IR device for detection of micro objects and many other intriguing and unseen items.

    It is important for us what questions people ask themselves after visiting the Nuclear Bunker, what fears worry them, and what they muse…


    Cold War funds custodian
    Rimas Urbaitis


    Secret telephone communications and cypher machines expert
    Agnė Urbaitytė

    Best exposition
    Exquisite technique. Selected works collection.


    We will organize various collectors‘exhibitions.


    The museum nights, Atomic bunker birthday.

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